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So how long will it take society to completely forget the familiar symbolism we all know and love?  The phone, computer, cell, mouse, vhs tape, cd, etc?  We see them [More]

It’s OK, I’m A Doctor
April 29, 2014
It’s OK, I’m A Doctor
For Your Health
April 21, 2014
For Your Health
It’s All Been Done
April 14, 2014
It’s All Been Done
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pixel
July 8, 2013
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pixel
Mistaken Identity
July 1, 2013
Mistaken Identity

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Tomb Raider Review
June 19, 2013

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June 14, 2013

Sorry gang, I’m back down again.  Got hit with an evil allergy attack.  I’ll try to get something ready for monday.


Out for the count!

May 8, 2013

So guys… sorry I haven’t posted any updates this last week; I got hit with a crazy bad sinus infection!  Stupid florida and its pollen… even had to take a day and a half off of work.  bleh!

Anyways, went to the doc and they got me some happy pills to make it all better.  I don’t think we’ll have comics for next week though, I’ll probably still be drooling on the couch this weekend too.

I did post a new review of Diablo 3 if you guys are interested!  >D



April 14, 2013

Feelin a bit exhausted this week/end… more comics to come laters.  For now, the sleeps.  XP



April 4, 2013

Running behind this week too.  Update on monday.  Promise!  >)


The Con Life - 2013

March 28, 2013

Ok folks, instead of a comical today, thought I’d sit y’all down for a session of what I call “stories from the con”.

So this year is the first time I’ve been back in at a con in a while.  But it went pretty good!  I brought my 2 friends with me… “minions” if you will.  It’s essential to have some folks with you at these things or else bathrooming adventures and selling your wares becomes really hard.

Anywho, of course I had completely forgotten how to get into this place after the last time… which I had trouble finding the parking and loading docks.  Totally not my fault that you can’t ever find the front and back of this place!

Oh!  And my poor poor sign rig got massively battered over the years.  I had some pvc pipe structure that I spray painted with special plastic paint… well… it all flaked off!  So my parents had a good idea to use fun duct tape!  I got some at the local depot and before long, it was all patterned with wicked mustaches!  >{  Quite dashing, I do say!

Friday was a pretty good day.  Kinda slow paced, but I wasn’t too worried.  Sundays are the slowest, so I figured I’d do my shopping then.  Did a once around and made a crazy long list of the junk I wanted, lol!  My favorite thing was this Dr.Who bath robe! Unfortunately… or maybe fortunately, Sunday was extraordinarily slammed!  So I probably got up only once to bathroom and that’s it.

Speaking of, I noticed a lot of popular trends at this one.  In addition to your standard issued Marvel/DC and random anime motifs, seems there was a big shift into Adventure Time, Minecraft, and Dr. Who gear and costumes!  And I mean like a lot!  My Little Pony was also really big, but not as much as the past year or so.  Long story short, I really need to look at what’s super popular before the show and mass produce some wares for sale.  I mean, I like Dr.Who a lot, but I didn’t think it had taken such a foothold here.  Lessons learned…

As for sales, I did pretty well now that I’m in the right section!  Last time I was in the wrong spot… who knew I’d need to be artist alley?  lol!  The top sellers where those Steamboat pictures!  The Mario one in particular.  Next up was the “Hang In There Boba” 8x10s!  >)  Then lots of random stuff.  I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Star Wars vs Star Trek posters being sold.  From the feedback I heard, people wanted to see specific characters duking it out rather than unknown people.  I was kind of avoiding doing that, but maybe for next time it would see more success.

Also, I did some commissions this time!  3 in fact!  Below is a picture I did of the person’s Ever Quest character.  I also did 2 more for his friend; one was part of his Sesame Street vs Muppets series and the other was a series of faux comic covers of Tarantino movie scenes.  Definitely a LOT of fun!  I also really really like the idea of having a themed artbook that you take around to all the different artists to get their take on your series.  They had some amazing stuff in there!

commission image


Oh, and fun story… so apparently I had a dumdum moment when this guy passed by and I thought he was dressed up as Rogue from the awesome band, The Cruxshadows.  So I called out and said “nice Rogue costume” very sincerely!  I mean, it was totally spot on!  Well… he turned around and talked with me for like 15 minutes and I pretty much talked about dumb stuff, like photoshop, lol…….. well…….. turns out the Cruxshadows actually did come to the show and that really was him.  I had this bad feeling half way though our conversation that it might have been him and all that night.  Turns out I’m just a total doofus.  Ah well, at least he was really nice.  >)

Well, that’s my story!  I’m looking forward to the next Megacon!  See ya there in 2014!  >D


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