I offer a wide variety of photographic services, including:

-Web Development-

I have been programming web pages ever since I was a kid. More than ten years later, I'm still making them and learning every trick possible! My services are around $10/hr and usually take 10-15 hours to complete. I will do minimal graphics (it would be best if you provided your own) because this takes up the bulk of the time. What I do is make a functional website (preferably php format) and include instructions for maintainence. Thus, this is a setup and basic service only (for now).

My Past Projects

-Digital Darkroom-

Digital Darkroom started out as a response to my wedding photography needs. I decided later to build what I dub the Digital Darkroom; a tool that mimics all the processes in a real darkroom... with a few extra goodies thrown in. This Photoshop actions set provides all the comforts of the darkroom without the mess, not to mention, saves a ton of time!

For samples of this tool, go to my Digital Darkroom Sample Page

NOTE: orders will not be taken at this time! I am assembling a help file and continuing to update the action set to make it the best photo tool ever made