The Comic

Wow!  What a wonderful and strange trip it’s been!  Coffin Comics started off as a World of Warcraft parody and eventually transformed into something completely different.  Now, this site updates 3 times a week and covers a wide variety of subjects.

The new update schedule (starting Oct’2012) is: Mondays and Thursdays (with Thurs being a tentative if my RL works get too crazy.).

The Author

When I’m not causing trouble all around Azeroth, I’m making art.  Hello, my name is Shawn Tommelleo and I’m addicted to drawering.  Whew, glad to get that off my chest!  Anyways, I’ve been drawing, painting, sculpting all my life with the more “recent” addition of photography.  Graduated from USF with a Fine Arts degree with a focus in Photography.  Went on to be a Wedding Photographer for a few years, worked in a horrifying children’s studio, then back to school for my MBA in Marketing.  After that I worked as a Creative Director / Marketing Director for a small company.

I’m also a bit of a gamer.  True, I play WoW quite a bit, but I’m also way into PSP and PS3 games when my budget can allow.  Coffinshaker was my second character and main for many years!  However, my new main Hedwig (yes, as in the musical… not the bird!) has taken up most of my attention lately.  So if you were wondering around on Garithos, shout out a big “Howdy Doo” if ya like… unless you’re an Ally… then you’ll die an unmerciful death! Mwahahahahahahahaha… *cough* I mean, greeted cordially… that’s it…

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Warcraft is copyrights of Blizzard.  Coffinshaker and Coffin Comics are copyright of Shawn Tommelleo.  If you steal my content, I will have my legal monkeys come to your home, slap you with a lawsuit and proceed to break your legs.  It’s a package deal really… got a great discount with Corleone & Corleone Legal Services, Inc.

TL;DR - No takey = No breaky