So how long will it take society to completely forget the familiar symbolism we all know and love?  The phone, computer, cell, mouse, vhs tape, cd, etc?  We see them everywhere but at what point do they become so arcane that their meaning no longer exists in our lexicon?

At some point these will be phased out.  Heck, it’s even started now!  While we still have the vhs tapes, I wonder how much of the younger techno-savvy generation understands of it.  And what of phones?  Even computer sales over the last year have yielded to cellphones and tablets.  And the best stuff we have yet to even imagine.  Computer?  What’s that?  We all use Google Glasses now!

So… What do you think will be the first iconography to bite the dust?

(sry for the late update and uh… analog drawing… been out traveling for the last few weekends.)