Howdy Yall!  Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit… Hope that doesn’t happen again.

Well, let’s get back into it then.  This is something that’s been highly irritating for the last few years.  Remakes and reimaginings galore!  Now, some have done an amazing job like Battlestar, Star Trek movies, and Dr. Whose.  But for the most part, we’ve all heard the same dang story over and over.

This is my problem with the whole “remake” industry.  It’s not just taking the franchise and rolling with a new incarnation with new ideas and new continuing “serial” episodes.  It’s taking the franchise and starting from episode 1 each time.  I mean, how many Spiderman origins do we need?  If you don’t know how it started by now then you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.  Same with Batman, same with Hulk, same with TMNT, and so many more.

I would have no problem if they would continue the story, but when they reboot it from the beginning to only get about 2 episodes in before starting all over, I just get burnt out.

There was an interesting webisode out there that covered this (I think it was the Extra Credits crew), which stated that the reason for the remakes (and poor ones at that) is because studios purchase the licensing for that particular IP.  However, these have short timeframes to hold.  Meaning that if the IP is not used in x years, then the studio could lose it.  Thus the many subpar remake movies.  Also the same reason you’ll never see spidey or xmen in the avengers…  licensing.

Not only that, but when it comes time for a new movie to be approved, old IPs are viewed as stable and reliable.  That’s because they know the statistics on it and what to expect in terms of revenue.  If they make something new or edgy or unique, then the risk is high and not many producers want to back that.  The return could be anything.  It could flop, it could do great, but when you talk about tens to hundreds of millions in backing, that isn’t something many want to gamble with.  Thus, the death of artfilms and new IPs.

Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, and some studios will produce new things as well, but overall the more stable the project, the more likely it will be approved for production.  There is also a new hope with crowdsourcing apparatus such as Kickstarter where projects that would never be approved by studios get backing from the fans instead.


But what say you?
Remakes, reimaginings, and reboots: Annoying or just more of a good thing?