It is done… the construct has been assembled and all systems are a go! This thing flies! Can’t wait to start working on it… but uh… I need sleep. I’d also like to give a big ol thanks to my friend who helped me put this together since I seemed to be quite the tech-tard with this endeavor.

However, through the powers of the interwebs on fresh eyes, I have noticed a BIG problem! And as your friendly tech-tard, I humbly request assistance with this matter.

I have noticed that there is a color shift when using Firefox on Windows 7. IE seems to show the colors perfectly, as does Safari and Firefox on OSX. Haven’t tried Chrome or whatever else there is… think the PS3 displays it right. See, Coffin’s robes should be a purple color, not blue and the header should, of course, be the same purple as well to match the left and right sides of the window. Right now, on Firefox, I see the header is blueish, the sides are purple, and the colors in the pictures are a bit washed out with a bluish tinge. I embed the color profiles and it looked fine on my Mac, so seeing it this way greatly concerns me, since about 60% of the viewers here use Firefox.

So please, let me know if anyone out there is having trouble viewing these images in the correct color AND if anyone tech savvy out there knows of a good way to fix the color space, let me know.