Alright gang!  Time to let the cat out of the bag!  The thing that I’ve been so secretive about is…


Whats Shakin Comic

That’s right!  My new baby is What’s Shakin’ at!!!  It’s a stand alone original story following Coffinshaker and Friends through his travels and antics.  Updated every Monday!  This is very different from what I do now.  Like I said, it’s a stand alone comic so no wowland references, but it will be fantasy based (well duh I guess, lol, he is a mage after all).  So yeah, that’s the basics of it!  Right now there’s the chapter 1 cover and a little bit to explore, though more will definitely open up later!  The forums and shop will be available on the 6th with the launch of page 1.  So once again…

Page 1 will begin on 09/06/2010!!

Hope yall enjoy!

Ps… just a reminder, the Monday Mini will be moved to Wednesdays.