Hey guys, took 15min, but I finally logged into the admin from the slow slow motel wifi.  XD

Sorry, no update today, out of office so to speak.  >)

Anyway, out here in sunny Orlando.  Was a bit nervous, but ya know, when the flood gates opened, it was actually a lot of fun.  Getting set up was insanely difficult, not the actual set up, but the crazy labyrinth that is the convention center.  The place is HUUUUUGE!  And set up like an airport.  lol!  But when we found the right place, it ended up being easy to get around.

The place was packed with really fun people!  Love all the costumes!!  I could figure out a lot of them, but some went way over my head… guess I’m slacking on my anime watching duties.

But yeah, been having fun!  Tomorrow is the crazy day so, yay!  And so Niv doesn’t shank me in my sleep, here’s a little poll.  >)

Do you go to the cons?

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