Awe, we it’s all over now!  Back to my comfy chair and blazing internets!  Woo!  But I have to say I had a lot of fun this weekend.  Met some new artists, met some awesome fans, made a few friends, and sold a few goodies.  Not bad for my first big con, eh?

Today wasn’t as busy as yesterday, but it was pretty nice to get out from behind the table, even for a few minutes.  Stretch the ol legs.  Buy some art… and a cool little turtle keychain thing… *cough*

But ya know, I gotta say there’s one thing I’m very disappointed in… I saw only 1 group of Battlestar Galactica folk, but only in pilot gear (granted they were awesome!  even had the backwards black tank top undershirts!  lol)… So next year folks, I want to see some people in the formal uniforms or in full cylon robot suits!  Make it happen!  So say we all!!

OH!  I forgot to mention the other day!  I got interviewed for a webcomic podcast!  >D  I’ll keep an eye on his site and give you guys a link when he posts it.  Hope it turns out ok… I uh… am not really all that great with talking into those little machines (as anyone who has had voicemail from me can agree) and in my head I swear I sound like some kind of muppet on voice recorders… Either way, it’ll be interesting.  heh.

Anyways, folks, I’d like to thank everybody for making this event so wonderful!  My friends, family, and everybody I got to meet!  Thanks Yall!!!  >D