Sorry gang for all the downtime today!  But I’m livid!  Like, super duper angry!  My sites were taken down for many hours today for a TOS violation… basically… because I had TOO MUCH TRAFFIC!!  One would think this inconceivable given my hosting plan has unlimited traffic, but apparently it’s a “shared” server and if you do too well then they kick you out.  Good times.  BTW, Never use IXWEBHOSTING.  This is total BS.  The only other option is to pay $60/mo for the dedicated server plan.  While, yes, that would be nice, I can’t afford that.  So, I’m at a bit of an impasse.  I’ve put up a throttle that only 30 page requests per 15seconds, so if you can’t see the page, that’s why.  It’s asinine, but what can you do?  I could jack up the ad space minimum bids, but that could turn on me and net nothing.  Other than that, not sure how I can afford a $720/yr bill in hosting costs, just cause their servers suck.

Man, what’s worse is that I pay a lot of money to get more traffic with advertising.  Glad it’s been working, but it’s really bad when they take down your site for doing well… and losing all that money I spent on ads and the revenue from ads on my sites while it’s down.  An utter disaster!

So if anyone out there has any solutions, like knows a great hosting service that doesn’t have some kind of stupid shared rules policy, then let me know!  I have a hard time understanding how my average 10k pageviews a day can cause catastrophic system failures on their hardware.

Ah well… bleh!  >P