It’s always sad, isn’t it?  You get your tank, your healer, your dps, and the guy in the red shirt shows up and you just know he’s the first to go.  Poor cast extras… While I’m sure those that play WoW are well aware of what this is about, for the rest of yall… it’s a Star Trek reference.  Enjoy.

Featuring Coffinshaker, Ryzu, Guur, and Ellusions

Received Honorable Mention on the World of Warcraft comic contest March 2007.

Ah yes… my first comic… still has that new comic smell!  mmmm!

Transcript: English

Narrator: As our heros set forth on their epic quest, Ensign Polanski couldn't shake the feeling something bad was about to happen...
Ensign Polanski: Ah crap!