Right then… This comic is kind of a two-parter with my intent.  See, there’s these Blood Elf guys and they started off all skinny-like in beta, then bulked up a bit when we could play them, and it seems like every time I turn around, they’ve duct taped another tree trunk to their arms.  Now that Cata is coming, we have some model upgrades and lo and behold, our city leader Lor’themar is beefier than a Tauren on steroids! See the before and afters-

Lor’themar BEFORE // Lor’themar AFTER

Now, you might not quite understand the second panel unless you’ve played pre-BC, but for some odd reason every blood elf character in the game looked like a shovel with a face painted on it.  Heck, even blood elf statues (if I remember correctly, even the ones in Shattrath) had this weird box-head thing going on… That looked oddly like… wait for it… a shovel!  Case in point:

Image of the skillet faced elf model…

So this brings me to the core of my rant this week.  With every expansion (well, mostly) we get some form of new character to chose, Belfs, space squids, gremlins, and teenwolf.  But with every addition, the graphics on those characters look really nice and crisp!  Good stuff!  Unfortunately the old races need a bit of a touchup.  It just seems so strange looking at how detailed the worgen are and yet transform into the human model with a bad case of frostbite on their noses.  I like consistancy!  Cause it makes my OCD hurt!

Now, one of my BIGGEST complaints is with the rendering of some of the graphics in the game.  Like I said, with every expansion, some graphics get better and better and more and more detailed.  But then they throw something very wrong in there.  For instance, EVERY “vehicle mount” h.u.d. looks so weird.  Like if you jump into a warmachine or any of those quests where you ride on a drake or something… anyways, it always looks so pixilated and just doesn’t fit.  Maybe it’s me, but on both my computers, one with low res, one with the highest settings, they look the same and weird.  One of the other more obvious blunders is in ICC during the Gunship battle.  If you are Horde, look at the symbol on the deck of the airship.  It’s supposed to look like leather but it’s like they used an image too small and stretched it.  That wouldn’t be so bad I guess, but the super high HD ultimate resolution wooden planks on the deck make it stick out like an Orc in Dun’Morogh.

Look at this pic of the ICC Gunship problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like WoW.  It’s a great game.  But little details like that seem so easy to fix, yet never get hotfixed for whatever reason.  I understand there are bigger fish to fry, like not having server crashing bugs and finding new and exciting ways to nerf pallies, but all I want for Christmas is a little spit and polish to some of the things that make my OCD scream out like trying to juice lemons on an open wound.

(Oh, and this week’s cameo is Calimus)

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Calimus: Man, I wish we could look like the old elf model! One more expansion and I'll fit through doors like a Tauren on a mount!
Panel 2:
Orc Devil: Deal!
Calimus: Not what I had in mind!