It’s been a very odd road we’ve traveled with wowland… I remember in wowclassic you could start a new character, and although it wasn’t hard, it had its difficult moments where you could get punched into the ground if you did something wrong or a few levels before you were ready.  Then I hear all kinds of craziness about elites getting nerfed (like Hogger and Son of Arugal) who used to sharpen their claws on our backsides, but now can be killed by a stray bumblebee.

Now I’m not saying we should be exactly like Demons’s soulses…es, where you start a new game with a sword impaled into your forehead before you can even name your character.  But something that gives us a bit of a challenge when leveling.  I’ve never had a problem with the whole leveling process.  Sure, if you’re going for your 5th level 80 then it could be more of a tedious exercise, but short of having an insta-80, the process has become much faster.  I do like the Heirloom armors for those who want to breeze through, but I like that it is OPTIONAL.

However, I’m not overly sure how leveling will be just yet.  I’ve heard a lot of varying things, like posts such as THESE that claim many monsters are getting buffs and will in fact be harder.  I’ll believe it all when I see it, but at least it gives me hope.

Today’s cameo is Conagher.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sindy: Hmm, looks like they're going to make leveling much harder to keep up with games like Demon's Souls...
Conagher: Yikes! Wonder how the lowbies will do.
Panel 2:
Kobold: You no take candle!