It has occurred to me, in my evil plots to attend the midnight release, that the actual play time for a Monday night may not be as glamorous as I had once thought.  Though I’m guessing with the amount of pre-Cata patches, the installation may not be so bad, I’d be willing to bet there’s still a nice 50 bajillion-byte patch file waiting for us.

Never the less, it’s a pretty exciting event; if nothing else but to bask in the gamer comradery… Though I wonder if they’ll make us stay in 2 separate lines, Alliance and Horde, to you know, keep the peace.  >)

Today’s cameo is Cuul.

Now, I know I’ve asked this question before about Starcraft, but…

How will you get Cata?!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sindy: So, you ready for the midnight release?
Cuul: Sure am! Got all my line camping gear packed!
Panel 2:
Sindy: Great! Lets plan a leveling party--
Cuul: Oh heavens no! By the time I check out, get back home, install and patch, I'll have all of 5 minutes to play before bed time. Sigh...