Hello again!  This week I’m putting the question out there… What happens to world PvP when we allow death from above?  Will we all be playing Ride Of The Valkyries as we dive-bomb Stormwind?  Will there be missile defenses?  Auto dismounts?  Or just plane old fashioned fishing line?

What would you all like to see in the up coming patch as far as PvP?  Not sure what the Allies have in store… but for us Horde, my bet is on our new little green friends coming up with some kind of “StarWars” defense grid… with lasers… and robots…

Oh… for those who aren’t in coastal areas… if you’re at an eatery on the beach, they usually string fishing line above the tables to keep out seagulls.

This week’s guest is Drexx!  >)

ps… So I hear Starcraft2 comes out tonight!

Who all is going to their fav store for the midnight launch?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1: Drexx is speaking with Sindy in Orgrimmar
Drexx To Sindella: So now that we can fly in Azeroth... What's to stop the Alliance from just dropping in?
Sindella To Drexx: Oh, don't you worry! We've taken precautions...
Panel 2: An Alliance raid is haulted by some kind of force!
Alliance PvPer: It's no good! They have some kind of invisible force field!!