So it looks like there’s yet another DLC for the Skyrim game coming out!  And if you’re a PC gamer like myself, it also means another few months of waiting while them 360ers prance around all happy… dang dirty consolers…  >)

Anyways!  Skyrim DLC!  Hearthfire Moon!  It’s the expansion to the marriage system where you and your significant other get to buy a nice new house, get materials for it to build additions and various other things, plant herbs and crops, raise childrens, and wait a second!  I’ve played this game before!  Think it was on the Gameboy Color it was!  Harvest Moon!!!!  So yeah, the fine folks a Bethesda have finally lost their little minds and brought the HM farming fun to Tamril!  Now I joke and jest and will continue to mock this mini expansion, but at the end of the day… it just looks really fun!  Maybe it’s because I grew up on games like Harvest Moon, but the tedious day to day “open world” quests to level up a house or clear out the field or just hug some chickens to get the “S” quality eggs… it all just seemed wonderful to me.  It could be why I like Minecraft so much as well, though they could really import a lot of HM elements into that.

Anywho, I like this.  I really do!  I like the adoption of the “mini daily task” aka “chores” into games such as this, where you can shape your world and the people within it.  It gives you something tangible to work towards and I swear I’d be darn sold on it if we had to cook up a prize winning sweetroll for the winter’s Evening Star cooking contest!  Other than that, I’d love to see more growth and interaction between the main character and the rest of the (handfull of) inhabitants of Skyrim.  Like quests or gifts to make them happy and they’ll do fun stuff for you or unlock things… like in that one game… what was it called?  >)

But that’s just me!  How do you all feel about this?  Do you think domestic type quests and chores improves gameplay or is it just another time wasting daily quest thing that’s not really needed.  What say you?  Moon it up or not?

Edit: This just in!  Turns out there’s a new game on the horizon, State of Decay, a zombie apocalypse type game… with… wait for it… Farming!  Yup, your favorite HM pastime is coming to a zombie shooter near you!  Source - Escapist