Yay!  It’s another Wowcrafts origin comic!  Been a while now, huh?

So this one goes out to my little furry chaps out there.  I’d say this is based off the latest Planet of the Apes movie… but that’s not correct.  I swear there was a movie like this (exact same plot as the new one) from way back in the 80s or 90s, maybe a TV movie, idk…  (if anyone knows what movie this is, let me know!  similar plot, guy works in lab, lab makes drug to make chimps smart, one does, teaches the others how to be smart, then have to escape)  Not exactly sure whose ripping off whom, but it seems like both are pretty much the same movie.  Then again, haven’t seen the newest one, so I can’t really talk.  And the new one has Malfoy, so that’s kinda awesome.  Hmm…

Err, anyways, kinda derailed a bit from my train of thought.  Yeah, super intelligent pet AI gone wrong.  Good times.  That guy in purple was my attempt at making Dr. Arugal.  (BTW… he totally looks like Elmer Fudd from What’s Opera, Doc.)  Really hope it comes across as the other Worgen howling in British… As I would assume all English werewolves would do…

Right, on to other things… So I’ve changed the layout a bit!  I hope you all like it!  I figured having all my comics and a bit of archive all in one place would make things much easier for everybody.  That way, you can just bookmark Coffin Comics and see all the latest updates on all my sites!  Woot!  Oh, I also have a new format for my archive (though depending on your response, it might not link to the menu up top).  The new archive will have thumbnails of every comic, an excerpt, and a few tags that I’m probably going to slowly update.

So if you’ve reached this page from another link and have no idea what I’m jabbering about, go to the HOME page now!

If you want to check out the new archive page, either click the MORE under the small archive on the home page, or click THIS LINK.

If you absolutely HATE the new main page, you can update your link to my site with http://coffin-comics.jesterbrand.com/new

So… what do you guys think about the changes?

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