Hey gang, so sorry I didn’t have any words up!  I posted this on Monday and totally intended to write something, but I kind of lost track of what day it was… think I lost a day in there somewhere… probably aliens or something…

Anywho, yeah, this is my little “Plants vs. Zombies” take.  Heh, I kinda thought of this on my shammy actually, cause I hadn’t leveled up my herbalism so everything was just failing… then one thought led to another.  >)

Oh, for links um… You can play the FREE version online at the PopCap website!  Very fun little game!  Though the flash doesn’t like this computer so much.  Also, there’s a video of the creator of the song “Zombies On Your Lawn“, which is a nice little tune!

Now, as far as the whole mini game thing goes, like the wowland version… I’m all for it!  I kind of like the little side questy distractions in games; even in mini games that don’t seem to really be part of the world.  For instance, my absolute favorite was Triple Triad from FF8!!  That was awesome!  Actually, my friend and I printed them out and played in RL… yeah, I’m that kind of dork.  And it looks like so many games embrace the minis.  Such as the new Alice game.  But what are your thoughts on it?  Cool or cheesy wastes of time.  Ya know, it wouldn’t be too hard, but I’d think all these games that have mini games in them should release those as Apps!  Either as free promotions or free DLCs to accompany your purchase!

So… There’s a new little feature I’ve been toying with here… I made kind of a demo this week to see what you guys think.  I call it “Tooned News”, which sort of takes gaming and geeking news and makes a short mini comic based on it with the whole article spiel too.  I got to thinking about these when looking at gaming forums and news sites and thinking up funny little comics that would fit in nicely with them.  I’m not really sure what to do with these though… like have them on their own day, pop up intermittently, do it a few days a week, color, b&w, idk!!!  so let me get some feed back from you all!  I’ll post this up on Sunday… for no other reason than it being an arbitrary date… but yeah… Sunday…

Also, been trying out this new thing with the backgrounds having a brushed overlay… dunno if it’s obnoxious or makes it look more pro… what do you guys think?

Anyways… uh… toodles!  XD

Mini games in my soup? Love em or Hate em?

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