Right, so it looks like Pokemon Companion Petmon battles are coming to a wowcrafts near you!  All those companion NPC pets you’ve been collecting over the years (well… at least me… I’m a pet hoarder!  FOR THE HOARD!) will now be able to be leveled up and engage in battles with your friends and other trainers!  Err… I mean raiders…  Not only that, but they will have special abilities and what looks like elemental types.  You’ll even be able to fight other wild Companion Petmons and, if I’m remembering this correctly, capture them as well!  (with what I can only assume to be a throwable Companion Crate.

Well… obviously this is a Pokemon “rip”.  But I guess that brings us to this week’s debate… Should Blizz implement stuff that’s from other IPs (intellectual properties) like from games or stories or movies or whatever?  Like what if a little Skyrim started washing on shore?  But ya know, wowland is like a huge mishmash hodgepodge smorgasbord of everything.  Just go exploring around a bit, you’ll know what I mean.  And it’s almost a game in itself to spot all the references!  Say what you will, I for one actually like it.  It kind of keeps the game fresh and interesting… and as long as they don’t get into any kind of major trouble with the lawyers, then I say more power to them!  I’ll be the first to battle all you folks with my epic Petmons!  Just about caught them all already…  Hmm… I probably shouldn’t be proud of that…  XD

I’m going to be out for like 2 weeks coming up here, so if anyone would be interested in submitting some guest art for Coffin Comics or Tooned News, let me know!