Ok, I’m not really one to rag on everyone’s religion, that’s their choice and whatnot, but some are just… how can I put this delicately… stupid!  And Kopimism is right up there!

Let me explain…  Kopimism is a “religion” that was recently recognized, officially, by the Swedish government.  It holds information as holy and the act of copying a holy act.  That’s… about it right there.  No matter how much polish you try to put on it, this turd is still about the illegal download and distribution of copyrighted media.  The only thing different they’re doing, than say Pirate Bay or some download club, is that they decided to be an affront to all real religions.  Sure, I’m sure we can get into arguments about that, but the nitty gritty about this is that a group of people want to download their mp3s and they figured they can skirt the law by saying they are protected by freedom of religious expression.  Of course, you still can’t break the law… I mean, you can’t have human sacrifices; still against the law, fyi.

I guess the real question here is not only should they have been allowed to get this far with things, but is there such a huge underlying problem to guide people to behave this way?  Here’s the entire piracy argument in a nutshell…

On the one hand, you have people who make stuff, like actors, producers, camera people, sound people, writers, etc… They all have jobs and want to be paid.  Had the digital age not happened, and assuming you couldn’t just duplicate commercial products like with vhs, then the equivalent would be walking out of a store with a stack of dvds under your coat.  That, of course, would be theivery and such.

On the other… This isn’t the same kind of copyright violations as say someone making a Mickey Mouse cartoon without consent of Disney.  And supporters say it’s also not a crime of theft.  No physical goods have been absconded with and then there’s the kicker; no money has been lost.  That’s the big problem there, since all of the movie/music/game industries have claimed they’ve lost money, but when you ask those who download, many will say if there were no other means, then they would not have purchased the media in the first place.  So, nothing has been lost since it was never a potential purchase.

Both sides have good points and while you have many new rules, regulations, and borderline unethical attempts to circumvent piracy on the media itself, at least we have had so many great and inspirational ideas spring from the whole thing.  Look at stuff like how bittorrent works and how most of your games now update and install using that technology.  Or the compression standards we use for disk media that was used to compress movies to fit on cds.  Or even the MP3!  Yeah, sure, maybe they weren’t all originally intended for piracy, but because they became so widespread and popular, they’ve transitioned better to commercial media.  Heck, just look at Microsoft!  Even Bill Gates stated that piracy of their software has aided their market penetration and, in the end, given it a larger market share had it not been distributed.  And just look at Steam, a company that seems to have a great handle on the distribution of its products, and dangit, I just love Steam!

Well, what do you guys think?

Source: Escapist