Looks like Fox is doing it again!  And the Simpsons are directly in the cross hairs!

So Fox is trying to renegotiate the salaries for the voice acting talent so that they take a 45% pay cut.  This is because Fox claims the show isn’t making as much money as it once did and unless the actors take their cut, they won’t continue the series.  Times are tough, I get it, but that’s quite a bit.  Granted, many people might not have their heart strings tugged too much to know they get about $400k per episode, but still, as an artist, it’s good to see someone making a pretty penny off their craft.

But here’s where it gets interesting… Voice actor Harry Shearer (does lots of voices) fired back with a proposal to take even a 70% or more cut if the cast could get a small portion of future profits from the show.  Of course Fox came back with a big NOOOOOOO… They basically said that no amount of salary cut could justify giving them a portion of profits.  Cause, you know… it makes a LOT of money.  Oodles!

I understand, really I do, they don’t want to share future profits because that could be a lot of money, but as someone who stands on the artist side of the wall, I also understand that a person should receive fair compensation for their craft.

(also, let me throw a shout out to my buds on the other side of the planet… sry to pick on China again, but I kinda like that character now, lol.)

Source: Deadline

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