A long long time from now, a galaxy far far away will collide with the Milky Way.  These galaxies will not only merge stars and planets, but the species that inhabit these places.

A great battle ensues for control of this new realm.  Old feudes mend quickly as a new enemy threatens the entire galaxy.  Sith and Jedi must shed their differences to repel the looming Federation’s desire to “unify this new space”.

And thus, the greatest war of all time exploded amongst the Stars…

So these are all my new posters!  Worked crazy hard on them!  This is my “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” series where both galaxies have collided and they battle it out to see which is better!  So if you’re a SW person, you’ll like to see a redshirt getting what’s coming to him, but if you’re a ST kinda fellow, then relish seeing a jedi having a good day to die!  Have them up for sale in the shop both individually and in sets.  The posters also have free shipping AND there’s a way to get 10% off the whole order as well (but it’s a scavenger hunt!).  Click the pics to go to the shop.  (NOTE: these are preorders, just sent in the order for them, so it may take an extra week or less… just a little FYI)

(sorry bout the watermarks though)  Anyways, check em out and enjoy!  >D

Beam Me Up
Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Beam Me Up - Comic Poster - Sith, Transporter

Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Disinterruptered - Comic Poster - Romulan, Vulcan, Clone Trooper

Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Hunted - Comic Poster - Bounty Hunter, Cardassian

Surprise Attack
Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Surprise Attack - Comic Poster - Imperial Agent, Captain

The Red Shirt
Star Wars Vs Star Trek - Red Shirt - Comic Poster - Red Shirt, Sith

The True Empire
Star Wars Vs Star Trek - True Empire - Comic Poster - Klingon, Jedi

Well there you have it folks!  The Stars have collided and one can remain victorious!  Which side will you choose?  If this does well enough, I might continue the series in the future!  Cause man, this was a lot of fun to draw!

If you like what you see and would possibly want one of these 11×17 in. posters, then head on over to the SHOP!  Got some nice bundles too that saves lots of cash money.  And FREE shipping on all 11×17 posters (in the US, $3 for international)!  Oh right, and the scavenger hunt!!!

Here’s how to do it…  (also in the DISCOUNTS page in the shop)  In the little colorful rainbow puzzle below, there are 6 pieces.  I have scattered these pieces on COMIC pages throughout THIS website (so only Coffin-Comics.com, not What’s Shakin’, and only pages with comics on them).  So if you accept this challenge, you just need to go through the archives and find the pieces at the end of the article, below the polls, in the comic pages (not end of page, end of the article AFTER the polls).  These will be in order of color, so if you find a red then a yellow, then you know you missed one.  There are, again, 6 total pieces.  Each piece has total of 2 letters or numbers!  So that’s a total of 12 characters in the code!  Make sure you write them down in the correct order when ordering… it goes in order of the rainbow, so Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet!!!  (sorry Indigo… nobody knows what you are…)  When you have all the pieces and codes from them, and in written in order, just pop it into the discounts/coupons thingy at checkout!  Easy (ish)!!  For all your efforts, you get 10% off your final order!  Nice eh?  Lemme know if you have any questions or problems with that.  Oh, and NO sharing the code!  The point is to sneakily get some pageviews and maybe some archive exploration for newcomers.  >D