I guess this is one of those things that’s always bugged me about the Mario series… ya know, running along a brick wall…  Just seems easier to go around and avoid swimming through the sewers.  >)

True, it was more of a limitation of the technology of the time, but some games just feel better as a side scroller (as opposed to their 3D counterparts).  While not many have stuck around long enough to see the transformation, I can 100% say that I loved Sonic and Mario much more in just 2 dimensions.  Though Zelda as a side scroller was… um… is there a phrase worse than “pure putrid poppycock”?

Think I already did a “which gaming style (3d, side, iso) poll before, so let’s talk about our favorite side scrollers of all time!  AND, what modern game(s) do you wish they would demake into a side scroller?  (Mine are Sonic 2… best game ever!  And I’d love to see a side scrolling version of Skyrim or Saints Row 3!  Ooo!  No wait!  Side Scroller Harvest Moon!  Though that’d probably be real similar to Mario 2, ya know, cause of all the veggies he steals… for anyone that never played it; very strange game, though technically the first to feature a transgendered character in a video game.)

ps!!  For some fun free modern side scroller demakes, check out:
Halo Zero
Codename Gordon (requires Steam)