With the Burning Crusade expansion, one of the events was the opening of the Dark Portal; the portal that connects Azeroth to the Outlands.  Through this gate, the Orcs had originally come into Azeroth to cause all sorts of havoc.  However, with the reopening, hordes of demons filed through the portal and infiltrated the Blasted Lands.

Unfortunately, neither the people of Azeroth nor the Argent Dawn thought to put an Iris on the opening to stop the passage of these aggressors.  Looks like Col. MacGuyver, Dr. Daniel Coffinshaker, Capt. “Ell” Carter, and T’milk will have to go through the Star Gate Dark Portal and stop the evil Overlords from the other side.

(yeah, this is a Star Gate SG1 reference)

Cameo is Twotoehero @ Garithos

Transcript: English

Twotoes: Someone should really put an iris on this thing!