This Just In:

Coffinshaker has FINALLY hit 80!  OMG I know!  I’m not sure why the pull from 70-80 was as painful as it was, but after nearly a year of neglect, it had to be done.  It’s sad you know, seeing your exes (ex-mains that is) shelved and collecting dust, watching  your new main zipping around in Mechanical Hogs and getting phat lootz… it just makes you want to give them a hug and tool around Azeroth for old times sake.  For some reason it all kinda reminds me of The Brave Little Toaster or Toy Story.

So I have unOfficially named this coming week “Level Your Alt Week”!  Dust em off, give em a hug, and go play catch, or do in an instance, or something!  Show them that they’re loved!