There is a growing problem facing all of the classes of WoW; Mages, Warlocks, Priests, etc…  I’m talking about the over indulgence of conjured foods!  Be it your Fish Feast, your Firecracker Salmon, or your Conjured Mana Strudels.  With mana and health pools growing steadily, the need for more conjured foods has reflected this demand.  Sometimes as much as an entire stack is consumed during a raid.  As a result, the rate of overweight toons on all realms is staggering!

On this day, March 12th, 2010, I declair this to be National Warcraft Fitness Day!  Yes, apparently I do have that authority…

So take your toon and join the rest of the realm as they spend the day running laps through Un’Goro, bike the trails of Stranglethorn Vale, and hike the mountains of Storm Peaks.

Just remember, even though conjured items disappear upon logout, it doesn’t mean their calories do!

Transcript: English

Nutrition Facts:
: Serving Size 1 Mana Strudel
: Servings Per Stack 20
: Amount Per Serving
: Calories 4500
: Calories From Fat 2600
: % Daily Value
: Total Fat 54 grams ... 84%
: Cholesterol 1 gram ... 40%
: Sodium 573 mg ... 24%
: Carbohydrates 240 grams ... 80%
: Health 22500 ... 90%
: Mana 19200 ... 76%
: *Not a significant source of rage or energy.