Göblin craftsmanship has returned once again!  Take advantage of this summer’s special discount savings for all vehicles!  Walk away today with your Göblin Motorrad GTX5000 mechanical stead and cruise the Azashara’s Route 66 in style!  0 DOWN!  0% APR* (for the first 6 months)!  And our lowest failure chance of any Göblin road vehicle to date!  Consumer Reports rates it “almost surely a death trap”!  An improvement over last year’s model which was “a coffin with wheels”.

Please note, purchasing any Göblin mount constitutes a binding contract that forfeits any liability to the Göblin Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.  Vehicles may cause extreme disintegration and equipment repairs are not covered under the warranty.  Operate at your own risk.

ALSO! Just a reminder that the first page of Chapter 1 of my new comic airs NEXT MONDAY on http://WhatsShakinComic.com!!!!!!!


Chapter 1