So my friend bought this game… and we played the heck out of it!  Borderlands if you want to know.  A very odd first person shooter, but with style and loot.  Actually, the loot system is kind of like wowland on psychotics.  All the baddies drop stuff like ammo and health, but also guns and gear with a fairly familiar color scheme (white, green, blue, purple, orange).  Although, the main difference is that the stats are kinda random in a way, so there are literally millions of combination with the guns and they actually look different too!

The multiplayer is even similar as well since you can have tank/healer/dps roles.  I usually like the healer class cause there’s something about healing someone with shotgun or a few well timed grenades that makes me happy…  It is a real shame though, that they refuse to develop this into an mmo.

Transcript: English

Nith: Ok, we got 60 silver, some cloth, and... uh... A Hyperion SMG? What the heck is "corrosive damage"?
Soldier guy: Sweet! If nobody minds I'm going to have to roll need on that! For my, uh... Healing set.