Deathwing sure has made a mess of things huh? Ok, so this week’s mini may need a bit of a preface. Ever since I saw an interesting little character of Nerf Now’s Engie-tan, I’ve been hooked on this game Minecraft. Darn you Jo! >)

Anyways, Minecraft is an insanely addicting game that I urge everyone to check out.  It’s so basic, but so much fun!  You pretty much have this little stick guy in what appears to be an oldschool 3d world that is reminiscent of something like wolfenstein.  But regardless of the graphics, it works and it works really well!  You tear down blocks, craft them into tools or whatnot, and build other things like castles. Only prob… the darn thing is STILL in alpha testing… and if you want the full benefits you have to preorder it (which is only like $13 and you don’t have to buy the final release). In addition to being able to play “survival mode”, which is fun cause you fight zombies and such, they let you use a custom skin… and there are TONS of skins out there!  (we’ll get back to this in a second)

So back to the original point of this comic… where in multiplayer you can build together, make huge cities, express creativity and such… but there are people called “griefers” that ruin other peoples’ creations… typically using things like lava to melt down other players’ buildings and such.

Ok, so now that’s out of the way… lets talk skins and my unhealthy love of this game.  Since I saw all the cool skins out there of every character in every game and more… I knew what had to be done…

Coffin Comics Skins!!!!
Just click on the image to download the png and upload it to your Minecraft preferences.  Or click on my new Swag page, which I will use to house all my freebie stuff.

Oh, and one other thing…

What do you think about Deathwing's "griefing" (ie total destruction) come Catacylism?

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