Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It’s very true though.  Sure, I’ve thought about it after playing a few games that give you a lot more customizations.  Heck, even Lord Of The Rings Online has really great customizations (well… minus the horde… which is kinda lame).  But then there’s the other extreme… Like Oblivion or Fallout 3 or Dragon Age… You could spend HOURS sitting there, tweeking every last polygon of your face, hate your class/spec and redo the whole thing over again!  Which I have done!  I guess you can save before the exit, but meh… And really, when you get an idea in your head on what your guy should look like, there are so many options to tweek, you end up looking like you took a brick to the face and had plastic surgery by a blind doctor!  Why there are more than 1000 ways to jut your chin I’ll never know, but it’s at least 990 more than necessary!  More options I’d like, not near infinite.  I would at least like to see the ability to alter your body type or height.

This week’s cameo is Brimu.

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Transcript: English

Brimu: I don't get it. With all the changes in cata, why don't we get more face customizations? Know what, forget this! I'm going to go play Fallout 3!
: 3 hours later
Sindy: Ack! What happened? You look like a Picasso!
Brimu: It had a few too many customizations.