So I couldn’t help but notice some of the models have had updates.  Yes, I did cover this a tad with the whole shovel face thing, but I guess I didn’t really pay that close attention to our beloved leader, Thrall.

When I left, he was this dashing green pillar of hope.  Clad in battle armor and ready to thwart whatever evil that came his way…  Then… Cata… He traded in that armor for a beaded necklace and a dress and some how, for some reason, got his lower jaw caught in what I assume was a cog in some sort of goblin machine, which stretched his face like the drawing and quartering of Stretch Armstrong! (remember those?)

Anyways, check out the differences here BEFORE and AFTER.

I’ve kind of touched on the graphic changes before, so let me follow up with a NPC specific question… one that’s bugged me quite a bit actually…

Do (did) you like the size changes to the NPCs. Meaning, 20 feet tall and always standing on a soap box.

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Bar Tender: And so I says to him, "why the long face?"