Patches are so confusing these days… So many ups and downs, cheering for your team, booing for the opposing (rouges).  But in light of the impending 4.0.6, it seems like a good mix of good and bad.  Anyways, don’t ask why, but on a long drive the other day, this song popped into my head.

Um… Today’s cameo is uh… Katyperry I guess?  lol!  XD

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
KrusherZ: I just don't understand it! It seems like every patch we get buffed, then nerfed, then buffed...
Sindy: Ladies and Gentlemen, here to explain, Miss Katy Perry!
Panel 1:
Katy Perry: Cause you nerf then you buff, you're a wimp then you're tuff, you're strong then you're weak, you're a noob then you're leet...