Ooooooo!! Buuuuuurn!

So yeah, I recently heard on the “news” or something about how Obama is raising gas prices so that we would get upset and change to alternative fuels.  Yeah, I know, pretty far fetched and I’m sure the legitimacy of this is probably as accurate as yeti sightings, but who knows… that’s not the point here.  The whole thing got me thinking about social engineering and how all the powers that be try to “guide” us in the right direction.  I’m sure there’s a lot of conspiracy theories and mumbojumbo out there, but I also don’t doubt that it happens.  Not really a fan of the whole social engineering / propaganda thing, but historically it’s produced some of the most bizarre art… maybe I’m just weird for liking old propaganda art… >)

BTW… if you’re new, that’s the Horde Warchief Varok Saurfang… cause you know… I refuse to acknowledge Garrosh as leader.  Though I will admit, doing some quests my hatred of him has lessened, particularly the ones in stonetalon/1k needles… still don’t like him though, but I guess he’s not totally bad.  XD

*EDIT - Oh hey guys, just one other thing… I’m not saying this will happen, but my update schedule might be a bit up and down for the next few weeks here on Coffin Comics.  Trying to gear up for the conventions and such so we’ll see how things go.  I’ll definitely have What’s Shakin’ kept on schedule, but things might have to get pushed back on this side.  But, I’ve got something cool coming in soon, so keep your eyes peeled… ok, that sounds gross… just keep them open…  but uh, blink a bit too… hmm… something like that…

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