Howdy folks!  So here’s the issue I’m having today… lol!  The county decided to do a little topiary work a little while ago by trimming the trees growing over the power lines.  But here’s the rub, they put the power lines so that they’d go through the MIDDLE of the trees!!!  See the problem?  Florida, power lines, trees, hurricanes, etc… all a bad mix.  So… what’s the solution?  why cut a tunnel straight through the middle!

So… every day I drive down this road I have to look at these ridiculously cut trees.  Part of me is glad they’re still there, but the other part thinks they just need to be removed… though the major part wishes the tax payers wouldn’t cheap out and just bury the lines… cause one good gust will knock down the lines anyways.  Sigh… it’s all dumb!

I’ll try to get a pic up tomorrow of the ridiculousness, but until then, here’s a link to a page showing what I mean: Tree Tunnel Pic

Edit!  Some pics from my road! Clicky to make big

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Goblin: I call it the Power Line