Ok, so here’s something that bugs me. Maybe it’s because I got my degree in marketing, maybe it’s just picking nits, but I swear the most obnoxious advertising technique is the “I’m better than the other guy cause I’m not him” tactic. No, I get it, I understand that you want to set yourself apart; do the “blind taste test” that “4 out of 5 dentists” will agree to, but come on! You have to be able to stand on your own without your big selling point being “I’m like them but not”. Drives me crazy! Rawr!

I’m a pretty big watcher of the shows on The Escapist, and they’ve been pushing the Rift ads pretty hard lately… guess it’s coming out or something. One such advert, just shows a few seconds of pretty cinematics and (gameplay?) before plastering the words “We’re not in Azeroth anymore“. So if you want to go against the goliath, it’s not a great idea to instantly compare yourself with wowcraft from the get go. They basically just planted the seed of flame wars of the people who say it’s completely different and those who say it’s just the same. I saw so many previews of the game saying “it’s not wow”, “totally different”, “anger anger rage”, and what have yous, but I tried the beta for all of 3, maybe 4 hours before getting bored, and while it’s not wowland per-say, it’s definitely got the vibe. Not to mention when they bust onto the scene with an ad like that, it’s only natural to start drawing the comparisons.

Sure, wow isn’t new or original, sure there’s been games like it before, but blizz packaged it in such a way that’s been able to completely corner the market for what? 5-6 years now? Not bad. And as much as we like to speculate what the next wowkiller will be, I highly doubt it will come in the form of a well dressed clone. There, I said it. Sure it’s not an exact copy like many others that have tried before, but it’s like comparing a nice beer battered grouper sandwich to some bread encrusted trout… they’re pretty different but when you slice through the superficialness it’s all just glorified fish sticks.

So yeah… Rift has some interesting things in it I guess, some cool talent trees and spells, but I’d have to say it’s a lot like a cross between wow and allods. And honestly, I just don’t see too many people hanging up their lvl 85 spurs to pay for another game that, at it’s core, is just the same old grind but in a different box.

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