And then this happened…

So… yeah… awkward…  Anyways, I got lured in by the hype (and if you’ve gone on any forum in the last few months, you’ve seen all the people posting stuff about this).  Gotta say, it’s disturbingly not bad.  I wont get into the debate cause there’s enough pros discussions out there to make your head spin, but lets just say, anything Lauren Faust touches turns to pure gold!  Fun for all peoples!  (She’s the lady behind Powerpuff Girls and Fosters, so it’s that sort of thing)  Good stuff.

But yeah, I couldn’t help but notice the connection between this character and the Celestial Steed.  So there ya go.  Can’t be unseen.  >)

This brings up an interesting discussion though… no no, not the “can boys watch girl cartoons” cause I swear if Lauren Faust produced a Barbie cartoon, everybody would still go watch it.  What I mean is the whole “is it ok for adults to like cartoons”.  Oddly enough I ran into this even before High School.  Of course, I still loved cartoons, but I noticed some of the other kids shunned those that liked them.  Like, it’s too childish.  I know it’s a bit of a bad sampling, being on a comics site and all, but what are your thoughts?  I for one think any age can get something out of the toons, especially seeing them now as an adult, there’s a lot of innuendo in there!

Are cartoons for kids only?

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