So this is based on something I read about a few weeks back, but apparently there was a dog fighting game in App form for those cell phone things, that got dropped from the stores (well duh).  But of course, it raises a bunch of questions about what is appropriate and what is free speech.

Here’s the rub.  I grew up with the Pokemans and never thought twice about capturing my Abra and forcing it to fight other little creatures for fun and profit.  Should I try that in the real world, I’d be arrested and become a finalist for the cover of the next Madden game.  Then a game that comes out, (essentially Pokemon, but with dogs) and is shunned for its audacity and crass.  So it makes me wonder… just where is the line?  Is adding a few antenna to your favorite animals and/or giving it a cutesy name enough to justify itself as acceptable for children?  Does giving them powers and magic abilities remove them enough from reality that it becomes ok?

I don’t know!  I can’t seem to answer that.  All I know is the game with dogs fighting just feels wrong (and, obviously doing it in real life is just messed up), but the cartoonishness of the Pokemans is innocent feeling enough to be ok.  Why is this?  Is it just because we grew up with that?  Or are they really just two different things?  Or heck, is it just a cultural thing that we (U.S.) aren’t used to?  And why are these questions not in poll form?

Is it OK to make games like Dog Wars?

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