No seriously… why the heck did he never pack heat?

So ok… things are changing around here, so gather round kids, it’s time we had a chat.

Not sure exactly the direction I’m wanting to take with CC, but I’m finding the minis to be much more versatile with what I can do.  The large “friday” comics take a LOT of time (mainly in the inking, don’t ask why, it just takes FOREVER… mostly cause I think PS has a poor way of dealing with wacom resolution and so I end up trying to clean up lines more than draw them… but that’s another discussion)…

Anyways, I’m trying to streamline the comics and they may, for a while, look odd.  like the fridays might be small like the minis… I’m working on it.  PHP isn’t my forte, but I’ll experiment till I get it to work… or break massively… either way.  I’ll keep working on it.  But ideally, the big comics will end up big, the small… small.  And you’d just hit previous/next to navigate them.  “ideally”

So back to the point… I’m still working on getting my extra project done and there’s the convention in July coming up, so… not a lot of extra time.  Minis are vastly easier to produce so hopefully you guys are enjoying them in the absence of a big friday one.  Will I stop making the big ones?  No.  Will they be up every friday?  Probably not.  Will there at least be a mini on fridays?  Of course!  Will you have more updates a week if you keep doing just minis? Um… Kinda thought about this and I’d like to answer that with a tentative “maybe”.  I know, that’s just about as concrete as a “soon”, but if they continue to be fairly easy and quick to push out, then I might consider it.  >)

Anywho, hope the changes aren’t too disagreeable with you guys!

ALSO! Dreyfus Xano made a killer music vid with all of the wowwebcomicists, including yours truly.  Engage Techno Engines!!