Just a little tribute / wowland crossover I did to honor the start of Season 9 of Red vs Blue.  I have to say, I really really enjoyed their series, so if you haven’t seen any of it yet, check them out!  It’s NSFW cause of strong language, but it’s pretty entertaining, especially for a machinima!  And it’s one of those rare things that anyone can enjoy.  You don’t have to be a Halo nut to be entertained by it!  Heck, I’ve never even played Halo (it’s a top down RTS right?) and found it amusing!

Was so sad to find out I missed them at Megacon… Shows how observant I am, huh?  >(

(ps… before I get any hate mail… I know Shammies don’t have Sentry Totems anymore… but that’s how I remember WSG on my Shammy… and that’s how it’s gonna stay!

pss… or is it pps?  I like how the first time I use my fancy title for Coffin Comcs, it’s covered by a text bubble… lol!)

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