Sry folks, shoulda expected the webserver to go out… so I apologize for the lateness/bleakness of this post for a little while.

Anywho, this is something that’s been bugging me a bit lately.  As you all may know, I’ve been getting my little physics bug again and devouring all things science.  But here’s the thing… after doing some digging, I’ve come to realize that science, for all its exactness and laws and theories, is… for no better word… a belief.  And I think that is taken for granted.  When you look at things at the quantum level, all matters of nonsense break loose.  The subatomic world is akin to Alice’s Wonderland.  NOTHING functions the way it should and we spend lifetimes to understand why.  Now we got this “new” thing, the string theory… though I’m not yet totally convinced of it, I’ll still give it a fair shake.

String theory says all matter in the universe and beyond is made up of tiny vibrating strings.  Like the entire universe is a symphonic membrane orchestrated by ______.  And it looks great on paper.  The maths all make the maths peoples happy and everything equals happiness.  But still, math isn’t the endall proof and what looks good on paper isn’t always the way things work.  It is interesting that what is used to both prove and disprove the “inference” of these strings is some heavy maths and a whole lot of faith.  And when you hear people speak of this theory, their eyes light up as if they were singing gospel on Sunday.

Now, I’m not saying science is a religion.  No, science is the attempt to understand and explain the world around us.  However, I think science is a belief.  A non mutually exclusive belief that can easily coexist with religion (in whatever shape or form that takes).

Ok ok… I don’t want any folk to worked up about this… I’m not arguing one way or another, pro or against anything sciency or religiony.  Not pushing any agenda here.  Just saying, science has HUGE leaps of faith with the way we perceive our universe.  My biggest issue really is with the misuse of science to both prove and disprove religions when at its core, it’s nothing more than another belief.

Case in point, gravity.  Gravity, right now, is broken.  There is NO law of gravity.  It’s not working as intended.  It’s all messed up!  We’re struggling to understand why gravity is so incredibly weak and how the heck it’s holding everything together.  We got so far as to “infer” strong and weak nuclear forces in atoms and the existence of WIMPS and dark matter to patch up the theory, but again… broken.  Atoms themselves are completely inferred.  Not directly observable, we are basically inferring the wind by watching the leaves move.  But for all we know, it’s some crazy mechanic that we couldn’t possibly conceive of.

We actually know very little about how things work.  We do our best to explain it and use lots of fancy diagrams and maths to rationalize it.  But at the end of the day, until the spider god descends from another dimension in outer space sets us straight, we just have to rely on belief and faith that our mechanics are “right” or at least… close enough.

So… uh… yeah.  There you go!  Science, not bad, not antireligion, but also not hard fact scribed in stone.  It’s a process to learn how everything works.  One day, we might get there.  We might find out that hey, that guy was right all along about the spider god.  Or prove it was wrong all along.  But until then… lets all try and get along and work together to figure this place out, rather than fire shots at eachother.  Science will be wrong a LOT before it gets the answer, so lets keep in mind that we’re just trying to take baby steps; sometimes we fall, sometimes our methods are wrong, sometimes we’re just upsidedown and backwards, but eventually, with enough encouragement, we’ll be walking on our own two feet!  With the spider god… from outer space… of course…  >)

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