George Lucas defaces yet another of his creations.

Yup, apparently he’s decided to change a few things in the upcoming BluRay release of Star Wars.  There are just 2 changes we know of right now, but who knows how crazy he’s going to go with that ol edit button of his.  First change is the Yoda going CG instead all muppet… I guess that’s alright, but kind of obnoxious.  I mean, we always get newer and newer technology.  We can’t just keep updating all the old movies every time something comes out.  Well… I guess we could, but again, obnoxious.  The other is where Vader tosses the Emperor into the pit thingy… he was all silent before, now he’s got some dialog saying “NOOOO“.  I saw both versions… While it’s not apparent if you haven’t seen it before or it’s been a while… and you probably wouldn’t care a whole lot if either of these are the case…  But if you’re a diehard fan, then this will be something to the tune of having Yoda say “Live long and prosper”.  Sorry folks, the man’s a great director, but he needs to be stopped when it comes to his past work.  These touch ups are absolutely unnecessary and contribute nothing to the overall experience.  Just leave well enough alone Georgy boy!

Btw… for those that didn’t know, the comic is a bit of a play on Lucas’s past transgression of changing all the guns in E.T. to walkie talkies (and for my younger readers, those are kinda like ancient radio cell phones).  XD

Source: NY Times

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