Just found this the other day on MMO-Champion! The next Mage Tier set (13) has been revealed! The Timelord Regalia! But I think that bad ol Shaker might have acquired his set through ill-gotten means…  >)

For those not familiar with the “Time Lords”, they are the fictional species that The Doctor belongs to.  (as in the Dr. Who TV series).  I went with the classic 4th incarnation of the Doctor since he seems to be the most recognizable… though I think the 10th is still my favorite!  (also for the Who Newbs, that’s his time/space craft in the back… looks like a Police Box… you know what, you should just go watch the series!  good stuff!  crazy long though!  32 seasons total!)

And here’s a fun little pic just for you!  >D  I’ll put an avatar size of that up in the swag page.

Now for poll time.  I’d like you all to say or link to your favorite wowcrafted armor set!  Quite a bit are a bit wonky to me (at least for my classes, mage & pally), but I think the all time most b.a. armor set was the Warlord’s Regalia for Mages!  It was just epic!

Do you like your armor sets? (visuals)

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