Bastion Review

So there’s this awesome game on Steam you should all go get… no… right now… I’ll wait.  Doo do dee doo doo doo dee doo… oh, back so soon?  Ok, lets get to it then…

Bastion is like an actiony rpg-y slash n hack kinda game.  All the good stuff!  Very colorful with a fun painted style.  Even though all the characters have no necks… but that’s ok, we’ll call them dwarves or something.  But all things aside, that’s not what this game is going to be known for.  It’s the narrator, Logan Cunningham, and his hypnotic voice!  See, the narrator is a CONSTANT presence in this game!  He’s got something to say about everything you do and more often than not, a little spicy sass to boot!  It’s like having your own personal sports commentator covering your every move… but with a sweet sultry voice…  mmmmhmmmm…  XD

As for the game itself, well, it’s pretty good.  Very beautiful visually (I love games that look or are hand drawn/painted)!  Combat was alright, think I found not being able to adjust the camera to be a bit off putting for me, but I doubt that’ll be much problem for anyone else.  But it’s just a minor complaint, don’t take it as anything major.

It’s a pretty fun game and even if you don’t want to buy it, you can head on over to Steam and download the demo.  Well worth your time!

(oh, btw, that guy in the final panel is Zulf… he’s kinda the badguyish?  sorta?  something like that.)

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