Man, I really hope you all remember this guy from the old Scooby Doo series!  Well, for anyone who wasn’t an avid viewer, that’s the original Creeper!  Also… Handsome Face reference.  >)

Well… that’s all I got for now.  lol!  XD

In other news, our buddies at Mojang had a good week.  Turns out they’ll be able to go ahead with the “Scrolls” game after all.  Won’t bore you all with the details, but Notch somehow convinced the powers that be that the term scrolls is common enough to not indicate a copyright/trademark violation.  True, I could understand where Bethesda is coming from, but I just highly doubt anyone will get the two games mixed up.  Anyways folks, it’s a good win for the little guy.  Still, Bethesda can still come around and appeal the decision, but hopefully they’ll drop it.