Not back just yet, but here’s a little something based on a suggestion from a friend.  So this one’s to all you desk jockeys out there!

Ok, the story is this… there’s a little movement going around now about “elevator speeches”.  What that means, is that if you’re lucky enough to find yourself trapped in an elevator with one of your bosses, a manager, or vp or whatever, you can give them some sort of prepared talking points about yourself and whatnot so that you “might” have a better chance to move up in the company.  Kinda like kidnapping your boss and cornering them into listening to you brown nose.  Seems like a great idea.  >)

But of course the managers are fighting back, especially in taller buildings, by making elevators that only go to the top (the management levels) so they won’t have to ride with us peons.  Then again, I guess if you had to put up with all that awkwardness every day, it wouldn’t seem like such a crazy idea.  XD