Hmm… think I mostly wanted to see what they’d look like in the SW universe.  >)

Now, many of you (or none) might be wondering if I’m going to make a full switch with this site.  Well, nope.  Still gonna have some wowcraft comics all up in here as well as anything else that randomly jumps into my head.   So no worries!  Oddly enough, they got some races that look pretty close to orcs, undead(ish), and draenei (sans face tentacles).  Though I think it’d be nice if they had a few dwarves running about.  You can’t tell me that in a galaxy far far away, with billions of stars, there isn’t at least one species of dwarf!  Utter nonsense!

However, I will say this… Playing beta has reinvigorated my creative juices and I have a LOT of fun sketches for comics to come!  So expect to see a good amount of SW stuff in the mix.  I’ll try to keep things balanced though, so it’s not going to be overrun.