I always wondered this… I mean, sure the Woman From Willendorf is supposed to be a little fertility statue, but come on, all those historians and archeologists can’t tell me they didn’t have dirty sculptures and cave paintings back in the day.  And any scholar of the art histories could confirm there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s a bit on the raunchy side… from every time period in every country.  Now that I think about it, I don’t remember them ever going over that subject in my history classes… maybe it’s for the history majors, idk.  >)

Actually… I wonder how much of what we think is art history is even accurate!  I mean, who knows, all those statues from ancient Greece could just be mannequins and paintings of old just clever advertisements.  And we only really get to see the styles of the people that got popular and not all the little no-names running about.  I’d be interested to see the stuff that Joe Shmoe from the Renaissance did in his little corner gallery.  Just look at the art that’s out now… what’s the big new pop art movement that we currently have?  What will be remembered?  And will it even be remembered for it’s original purpose or intent?  Who knows, but maybe when they dig up our civilization from the ruins, our distant kin will think Hustler magazine was the epitome of our artistic creations.  Ha!  Or who knows… Maybe they’ll find some Coffin Comics under a little rubble and hold it up as a masterpiece of 21st century art!  Mwahahahaha!!!  Hey!  A guy can dream!  >D