Ah, Skyrim, it’s been on my review todo list for a while.  But looking at this game critically is very hard; I mean, they pumped out one darn fine game so anything I can come up with will be little nit picks.

So unless you just aren’t into the first person rpg genre, this is Skyrim, part of the Elder Scrolls series (not to be confused with Scrolls, the game by the Minecraft guy, I’m sure nobody confuses them, but you know…).  My first introduction into the series was Oblivion, which was just wonderful… though it had its moments… I think, however, they fixed most of the issues with Oblivion with this edition; being the stupid stupid AI pathing that would usually end up with you tossing out a fireball in the direction of your buddy as he rushed into battle… resulting in them either dieing or turning on you.  The other was the extreme bottom of the valley uncanny stares you’d get when speaking with NPCs.  Man, still have nightmares about that…

But with the venture to the frozen north in, what I’m assuming is the Canada of the Elder Scrolls world, AI is much better and they don’t look directly into your soul as much as before.  I still can’t stand that everytime I walk somewhere, EVERYBODY looks at me.  And it’s not like some sort of antisocial thing either, it’s just that… everybody looks at you.  I guess my Redguard in dragon skin armor could warrant a few stares, but that’s not even the worst of it.  They, well… they don’t turn to face you.  What I mean is, they will turn their heads like a demon possessed owl in what can only be described as completely unnatural for anything other than a jellyfish.  Just one of those things that kind of kills the immersion when you get that Children Of The Corn feeling in the back of your neck every time you enter an inn.

Then, of course, is the distinct lack of population.  I know programming is hard and filling up the world with useless characters takes away from other works, but when you sum up the total number of NPCs that are not randomly spawned, like bandits, then you get the feeling that there may be only about 100-200 some odd people in this entire area.  And let me tell you, the area of Skyrim is HUGE, so it feels very desolate.  Sure, you can argue that it’s a wintery wonderland, but when you hit a big city like Whiterun, and there’s only about a dozen homes, it kind of kills it.  I swear Oblivion had more filler homes/people, but I might be remembering that wrong.  Still, I’d be happier if it was filled a bit more.  Oh and… more marriage choices!  What’s the harm in making any non married person an eligible choice?

Ah well… but you know what, there’s not a whole lot more you can say about it.  Sure, it had a rough PC launch with more bugs than a knock off Snes game*, some U.V. issues, and there could be more work done on the little details like population and more flavor items, BUT this really is THE game to get!  It’s awesome and you’re missing out if you don’t have it!  So there!  XD