Sorry folks… just no way around this one, you just cant!

Does bring an interesting point to mind when looking at SWTOR; lots of folks have lightsabers and they seem to hit people quite a bit… so… aren’t those things supposed to just slice through anything like butter?  Like a 1 hit kill sort of thing?  Ah well… guess you can pick nits about anything I suppose.  Though, I do like that you will randomly block/deflect laser blasts like they do in the movies.

Now I guess this is where we can toss around debates about theoreticals and whatnot, but at its core, they’re still rooted in science fiction and thus, don’t really exist.  Well… for now.  Sure, there wasn’t as much work to connect lightsabers to real science like many other sci-fi series try to with their tech, since, you know, they just looked cool… But the thing is this; I like to believe that we as humans have an extensive ability to imagine and create, so there isn’t much we can’t do as long as we can dream.  Just look at science, so much of it relies on creativity, thinking outside the box so to speak, and yes, there are no current physics to construct an actual lightsaber, that doesn’t mean the physics don’t exist.  Just look at so much of the sci-fi tech we have now that was seen as total nonsense just a mere 50 years ago!  Heck, they’re even working on tractor beams!  TRACTOR BEAMS!  We got a long way to go, but I don’t think there is a whole lot out there we can’t create… just gotta put in a little elbow grease and a whole lot of crazy science!  So who knows, maybe someday our little lightsaber dohickies will be possible!  Just keep on learning, experimenting, failing, and succeeding… and one day it’ll happen!

Oh right… btw, that’s Nith in his swtor sith form.