You said it Dodger!

For a few other goodies, here’s a pic of the original drawn by my friend!  I like his original sketches, they’re so cute! Thought I’d share how our workflow goes… He comes up with some crazy stuff!  This is one of his long lost originals I found just the other day.  I hope to pepper your regularly scheduled program with some quite spiffing Dodgers as well, not just for when I’m dieing of diseases.  Friday will be another page of his “yet to be named” comic and it’s getting good.  Again, I need to get my ducks all lined up better so I can start doing these things more regularly.  But for now, I hope you all enjoy!




Oh, and my friends gave me a lovely valentines day snickers log!  Check it out!  1 whole pound of diabetes right there!








Anyways, hope you all had a happy valentines day!  Latas!